Kawamura Cars Co., Ltd

Central Office

Central Office:

1657-2, Tomitakeshinden, Kai-city, 400-0113, Yamanashi pref.
(Route20, or Kofu bypass)

TEL:055-276-5958 FAX:055-276-7467



Branch Office

Branch Office:

8858, Anayama-cho, Nirasaki-city, 407-0263, Yamanashi pref.
(car recycle center)

TEL:055-23-6121 FAX:0551-23-6129


The list of licensed enterprises

◆ Car recycling, scrapping

license No.20193000006

◆ Car recycling, crushing

license No.20194000006

◆ Collection, transferring, load transferring, stocking for Industrial waste

license No.1911040690

◆ Kanto District Transport Bureau・Car disassembly, maintenance service


Registered associations

◆Japan ELV Recycle Association Inc.

◆Japan Recycle Parts Association Inc.

◆SPN(Super-Line Partners Network)

◆Green Point Club

(Collaboration with Waseda University Utilize a CO2 reduction system)

◆TCR (Total Car Recycle)

◆Yamanashi Automobile Maintenance Service Promotion Association Inc.

◆Workshop for Car Repair Parts

◆Yamanashi Automobile Recycling Cooperation

The list of main business partners

◆ Automakers

◆ Auto sales dealers

◆ Damage insurance companies

◆ Toyota Tsusho Corporation、Toyotsu Recycle Corporation、Honda Trading Corporation、Toyota Metal Co. ,Ltd、Clean metal Niigata、Daimaru metal

◆ ITOCHU Metals・Kanto Steel・Mitsui & Co., Ltd.・Mitsubishi Corporation

◆ Foreign auto parts dealers and recycling companies

【 Financing Banks 】

◆ Kofu Shinkin Bank West branch

◆ Shoko Chukin Bank Kofu branch

◆ Yamanashi Cyuo Bank Ryuo branch

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